Greetings everyone and Happy New Year. It is. This is my first post this year as I have been very busy with daily happenings. I have been missing out on a lot of volunteer work due to the undertakings I have been dealt with since the election of a new American President. I know it’s tough out there, as we are still in the middle of this pandemic, but the election of President Biden has led me to belief, he will do a much better job of dealing with it. And soon we will be back to some kind of normalcy, and the economy will be back and with it increase in interest rate and that I believe can lead to a slower housing market. 
We are definitely in a sellers market, even with house prices shooting up to more than 19.5 percent year over year here in town, but considering how low interest rate is, it is definitely still a good time to buy. And I know it sounds crazy but there are more people looking for homes than homes available for sale. It’s a crazy time. Saw this house about a mile from mine went on sale for $699k and was sold for $750k. It blew my mind. Asked my realtor as we both were looking to see how soon it will be sold, but she said she never saw anything like it. And she’s been in the business for over 20 years. I said it and I will say it again, it’s kuraizee… 
So with all this craziness in the housing market, wifey and I had decided to retire a little sooner. Kids are all grown up and have moved out so instead of continuing to pay mortgage, we believe it’s time to put the house on the market and move somewhere we can buy cash and live with zero mortgage. It can be anywhere in the mainland or maybe Guam or Hawaii. We are leaning toward Big Island, Hawaii but we have never been there so we are taking a trip out there to get the feel for the place. 
Mainland USA has its own attractions and whatnot, and Guam is a place I love, but Hawaii is warmer and closer for the kids to visit more often. Not only that, there are more fish in Hawaii since it has a bigger reef. That is what I am after. And man, fishing is on my mind. 
In order for me to go fishing, I gotta finish what needs to be done first. And that’s why I am busy every day now remodeling all the rooms in my house. Changing out all the carpets and put in laminate flooring, repaint and refinish everything. I think I can do the rooms, but I will leave the rest for the professionals. 

Replaced the Carpets

Laminate Flooring and Repainting