Whale of an Airplane

I am always fascinated by airplanes and this one tops the list of weird looking airplane I have ever seen. I took the video on my Samsung S7. Please read on to find out how I came to the right spot to take this video.

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As the name says, it’s a dream lifter! It’s Boeing’s cargo plane made specifically to fly in parts of the 787-X Dreamliners, more specifically the fuselage and wings.

Boeing 737

Sitting on the tarmac of the Renton, Washington 737 Boeing Factory going through final testing before heading over to the Boeing Field in Seattle for Delivery to its owner.

B737 Over Seattle

Last leg of a trip to Chuuk via Guam, Hawaii and San Francisco. This was over Seattle coming for landing at SeaTac International Airport from San Fran. Awesome sunset!

All by chance

The best part of my job is going places. It’s what I do. Literally, moving one American at a time. My morning always starts with several cups of coffee and a few hours of skimming social media. Just to see how many friend requests I have gotten. Yeah right!

So on this one hazy day, I started out with a local call where Mr. Safnati was heading to the SeaTac International Airport for a week long business trip to San Diego. On the way, Mr. Safnati wanted to know where in the world I came from. Turned to him I said, sir I am from Micronesia. With a hazy and confusing face, Mr. Safnati turned and softly asked, just like the previous customers, what the hell is Micronesia.

As a pro-Micronesian tour guide, I turned again and told him Micro means small and Nesia means islands, Small Islands. “Beautiful, aren’t they?” continued Mr. Safnati. I of course nod in agreement but added, it may be boring for a guy like me because I can’t drive from Ifelug to Uman, in other words these islands are so isolated and small that there’s not much one can do. It’s basically farming and fishing. But yes beautiful indeed and will always remain home sweet home.

Dropped Mr. Safnati at the Alaska Airlines section of the terminal and got another call from a Miss Brown location the 3rd floor stall G through H in the parking garage. Fighting my way through the traffic trying to get to the inner lane where it leads to the REMATCH (ShareRide Lingo) entrance. It didn’t take long before I picked up Miss Brown.

“Enno Madame. My name is Cal and can I have your name please?” I said. Miss Brown told me her name and handed me her two heavy suitcases and I loaded them with ease into the trunk of my Impala decorated with an FSM flag rideshare paraphernalia.

“I noticed an army batch in blue with four stars sir, on the back of your fancy looking car. Are you a veteran sir?” Miss Brown excitingly proclaimed. Because I have asked this question many times before, I turned and said, that’s the flag of my country madame Brown. “Oops, I did it again. And where exactly is that? What country, if I may ask?” Brown continued. “It’s Micronesia Madame, have you heard of it?” I responded. Expecting her to obviously say no, I was ready to throw her my favorite line of introduction, Micro and Nesia, Small Islands.

But I was pretty surprised with her response. She told me she loves rice and can’t live without it. She knows Yap is a beautiful place with topless women roaming the streets and men that can’t lift a stone money. I was laughing with excitement that I, for once, had come across someone that actually knows my state of Yap. OMG, what a small world.

Miss Brown works for Boeing somewhere on the east side of America and is heading to Everett, a 45 or so minutes drive from the airport. Driving in to drop Miss Brown off I noticed a crowd commencing along the runway at Pane Field, next to the security fence.

Without hesitation, I headed for the crowd to see what was happening. And to my right, I looked straight at the weirdest 747 I had ever seen. It’s just look weird and ugly! Hahaha. I had to laugh at this thing. I am not sure what to say of it but seeing it fly wowed me for life.

The very first thought was that I am seeing a Beluga Whale taxing down the runway. I was wondering if this thing can really fly. And it did!


On a B737 in Chuuk at the Chuuk International Airport


Boeing Renton Factory


B747 Converted Cargo Plane Taxing for Takeoff


B737 Pilot at the Chuuk International Airport

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