Rosie thinking about here future.
Rosie thinking  hard about her future.

It feels like it has been a long long time since I post something on Ifagalz. It really is and I think it’s about time I tackle one observation that bugs my mind every single time. It can be categorized in different ways. It can be a positive thing or it can be a negative thing. It can drive you to success or it can drive you into failure. It all depends on how you view your world and the world around you. It’s part of who we are as Chuukese and Yapese and it’s something that’s really fascinating to me and it would be to you if you look closely at it. It can make your blood boil if you choose to see it in a negative way or it can drive you to the top if you choose to look at it as a motivational factor.

I think it’s the right time to lay it out for our Chuukese and Yapese youngsters with the hope that they can pick the right choices and move on as successful as they can be in life. Keep in mind that success or failure is very expansive and can be viewed/felt/observed/believed in many different ways.

This morning while having a cup of coffee with my partner in life and our daughter, we happened to speak about food stamp. Our daughter brought up some observations she had and questioned why some people looked rich yet they are on food stamp and cash assistance. I turned to her and said, girl you gotta be kidding me. Just because they look rich doesn’t mean they are. And even if they are rich, if the government allows them to take part in the food stamp program, so be it. It’s not their fault for getting it. Then my partner in life broke into the convo and told our daughter that she should apply for it.

To my surprise, our daughter showed her this ugly face and said NO with a commanding voice. That caught my attention and I really got mad about it. I told her she had this so called Yapese Pride, whatever that means, and she needs to woman up and accept the fact that she needs it to help her transitioning into living independently.

My partner in life surprises me more when she went on to tell our daughter that Yapese have this pride in them that drives them to do hard work. She explained to my daughter that this so called Yapese Pride drove many Yapese on Guam to work in the construction industry which led many of them to living a better life.

This is when I interrupted and told our daughter that the so called Yapese Pride can drive a person into failure. I explained to her that when you needed the help, forget the pride and get the help to help transition you into living independently of these assistance. They are made to help people temporarily until the time you can stand on your own feet. Simple as that!

I and others have talked about the Chuukese Pride version where you consider finding and using government assistance to define success. I explained it in one of my blogs that Tiniken (Diligent-sound similar. lol) means you go out there and find every means to survive. That is a positive thing.

I told my daughter that living on food stamp is not something one should be ashamed of. It is one of many ways to help a person moving up to reach success. And when I say success, I mean living independent of these government assistance programs.

So whether you are a person with the Yapese Pride version or the Chuukese Pride version, you must use it to propel you to success. Both of these can drive you up unless you take it the wrong way.

If you have the Yapese Pride and live poorly because you don’t want to be on these government programs, then that is your loss. If you have the Chuukese pride but decided to live off these programs instead of using it to propel you to living independly, then you are a loser. You should look yourself in the mirror again. You must have the passion to get out of these programs as soon as possible and that means working harder than the last time.

In the end, it’s ok to have both but use them to your advantage and show your host nation, these United States of America that we, Yapese andChuukese can live better lives even without their government programs. Good luck.

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