It’s one of the most beautiful summer mornings I have seen here in the state of Washington and it reminded me of home sweet home. This type of weather and the breeze happens every day back home so the once in a while experiences here is such a treat. 

The temperature is about to hit the 70s with a mild North Northwest wind with blue clear skies. It’s a gorgeous day here in the Pacific Northwest. 

As I was sitting in my dining enjoying a cup of coffee with my other half, I was thinking back to when I was young and all the things we did back home. If I am 

If I am on Ifalik, I would be in the Men’s house helping out with the chores of the day, whether it be canoe repairs, building traps, or weaving nets. Or we may just dive into the beautiful crystal clear lagoon for some morning swim. 

Although I quit working for others and now run my own tiny company, I still have to be up and ready to go for my clients and customers. As the saying goes, time is money here in America. 

Back home it would be all up to me when and where to I go.

To bring me closer to home, I decided to do something I haven’t done since I left home in 1994. Lucky I had some ropes laying around so I turned them into a NET, fishing net that is. 

It may not be as good and as pretty as the nets we do back home, but weaving it this morning had brought me back closer to home. I was surprised as to how much I remembered that I was still able to put this thing together without anyone’s help. 

I will not be catching tuna nor parrot fish in this net, but one thing clear to me is that home sweet home hasn’t left me at all. It still lingers in me. Hahahaha. 

I guess my son was correct in telling me that I left home, home never left me. I was mad at him for nothing when it’s the truth. 


“No matter how far you go in life, never forget where you came from, you cannot change who you are. We maybe planted in different places but we came from the same root under the same tree.” Helava

My Sea Side Corner, in need of Paddles, a Sail and a Canoe. Let me Know if you can help or I'll just build a lousy one. Hehe.
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