20130317_170408Travelling has been on my plate as of late, which is really cool. When will we have a chance to travel the roads, the air and the streets? Since my trip to Japan, I had always wanted to travel as it something that do cool off my mind and rests my soul. Don’t get me wrong, travelling is tiresome. I guess it all depends on who you are and what you do.

Driving from Aurora, Oregon to Federal Way, Washington was a mere 2 hours drive. Yeah I said mere, because the drive from Fed Way to Idaho is about 5 hours long. I had to add in a stop in Othello so that way, instead of traveling a total of 7 hours at one time, I cut into half each time. This is a way of coping with the Road fatigue/sickness. The weather was nice throughout my entire drive. It was very windy but  it’s blowing in the direction I drove so it all plays out well. There was not really any problem anywhere, except a few scary spots on the pass.


It took us about 76 minutes driving through the Snoqualmie pass, which is the normal driving time without restrictions. It was light snow and about 32 degrees but there were patches of water here and there which is kind of scary, especially driving through them at night. The scenery cannot be described in a few words, but I will give it a try. It’s Fabulous-tic, Amazing, Pretty-ful, Gorgeous, Awesome. It’s a tricky drive at night but there are things you can do to make that bearable.

I use my bff, my Samsung Note II. This guy has been with me every step of the way, guiding me almost on a regular basis. This morning I was appalled when I got out of my bed and found him shouting out the distance and time of arrival at my destination. It was freaky because I never told him where I was heading. Not only that, it was telling me how far I was away from home and my work. Isn’t it freaky? I thought so too.

But Sam is so useful I had to rely on him on my driving. He told me about every inch of the roadways, where the next curve was, how many cops were waiting on the side of the road, how many cars headed my direction and following me, the cost of gas on all the gas stations ahead and even giving me suggestions on where was the best place to stop and eat. So I used him and my view to see what speed and what maneuver to make at certain points on the highway. Sam, I am not sure what I can do without you bro. lol. He even suggested that I stay at this location where I am right at this time.


He was wronged me on one thing though, there was no water at this hotel for quiet sometime today, leaving me in discomfort, but gaining me a Free Night. I wasn’t sure if he already knew that. Who knows? Hehehe.

RoseMy partner, and love of my life,  loves it here and so do I. Coffee and tea is out in the lobby 24/day. This is what caught my eyes. The coffee maker is a 24 hour brewing house. As a coffee lover and one from Seattle, I cannot fall in love with a hotel that has no coffee machine. I can go crazy without coffee. Coffee kept me going. And energizes me to stay active all day long. hehehe. coffe this coffee that.

Going back to the islands, I must bring a ton of coffee supplies one day. I am not going back home without them Seattle coffees. If anyone interested in franchising, maybe bringing Starbucks to Micronesia, especially on Ifaluk, please talk to me. I am more than interested. I will be a part owner and the number one customer! Hehehe.

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