Once was the Largest Book around.
Once was the Largest Book around.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know what you are going to say. Why would a Beaver go into enemy territory? Are there Dams to be built on the UW campus? Is there a war going on? Obviously, none of those are happening. It’s just an exploration visit. Just to see what’s there to see on the campus of one of the PAC-12 Universities. And it’s also where my daughter, believe it or not, wants to go to. Please don’t ask me why. :).

Well, the appointment for the group visit was set like two weeks in advance and it happened to fall on a Tuesday, my only day off of the long week. I thought the University would provide lunch for the visit so I was really looking forward to it, not that I expect some tasty food from a mere Husky school, but food is food. Hahaha. To my disappointment, there was no lunch provided and I had to stand in line for like 20 minutes to get a grande size Machiato-Starbucks Crazy, you know. The student server had to apologize to me saying the freaking machine was broken. Then I responded what’s not broken in Husky nation. Hahahaha. Can’t hold that one in. Just gotta throw it out.

The meeting room was 106 on the main floor of the HUB, they also called it the Welcome Room-too obvious! I think HUB stands for Huskies Under Beavers???? Just thinking out loud. Hehehe. But anyways, the student Tour Guides/Ambassadors were amazing. They sold me into wanting to come back to the campus for another visit.

The tour was very educational. I now know where the largest or used to be the largest book is. I also now know where the University of Washington is located. I also now know that at one point, Bill Gates mom was some very important person on campus so they named one of the buildings after her. And I also now know where to find the Monkey Tree-right in front of the oldest building on campus. And last but not the least, I found out that the washing machines in the dorms are great at sending out text messages telling students to pick up their clothes when they are done washing. This is very advance! Probably using chips made by NVIDIA-which is owned by a Beaver. lol.

I maybe joking around but the tour really showed me why the University of Washington is one of the top 5 schools in the nation for their Medical and Engineering programs. It’s a huge campus with many resources available for its students. There were lots of things I like about the school, not to mention the fact that if my daughter decides to go there, I would be paying In-state tuition which is cheaper.

I like these tours because they are very educational and it helps my daughter and myself get to know more about the school, its resources, student population, etc., before finalizing our decision. There are several reasons I like taking my kids out to these tours in their High School Junior years. One, it allows us to learn more about the schools we visit, like academic and financial resources that are available to students, the student population, housing, clubs, etc., and two, to ensure that my kids fully understand that I mean business, and three to make them know that college is around the corner-it’s time to be serious about the GPA.

My hope on this tour was to find a student or two from our Micronesian nation, but I was unlucky not to meet up with anyone. If you go to the University of Washington and wanted to fill me in on what’s to look forward to, please reach out to me. I would really appreciate that.

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