Before adding the Flower Bed and Walkway....
Looks when I bought this property

Hey friends, fams, readers and randomers, sorry I haven’t had a chance to share what’s on this little brain of mine. Been busy since I became a Home Owner. The moving was crap! The buying process was exhausting! Being an Owner opens up a whole new world of randomness. I’ll fill you in in every bit of it so you can take away what you can for your own unique situation.

No planning, No Bueno! I did everything right but the moving part. I was renting my previous home for over 5 years so you can just imagine what might be hidden in the attic. Already made this mistake many times before but refused to learn from it. Don’t blame me, blame those people that put up the Garage Sale signs on Fridays and the HDS in me. HDS if you don’t know means Hoarder Down Syndrome! Wakakakakz. Not sure if there’s such a thing. I made it all up. So if you know you’re going to move, plan ahead. Way ahead! Stop buying random stuff and hid them in the attic.

Do your homework people! Literally. It’s a matter of financial stewardship. You must compare the cost of extending your rental/lease or renting a storage. I found that extending my rent was actually way too expensive. That’s after I’ve already extended my rent and spent $560 for 10 days. It hurts to talk about it but the only way to make you avoid this stupid mistake. Renting a 5’x10′ storage was $100 a month and the first month rent is free. I only needed it for 2 months which equals to $50 a month. Learned it the hard way… Please do your homework. Read blogs like mine to learn from others. $460 divided by ~$25/hrs equals to about 18 hours of work for me. That’s 2 days and 2 hours of hard work peeps! I hope you get the picture! I could spent that on about 20 – 50 lbs bags of rice! 20! Dang Cal, you need to learn my friend.

Upgrading the Front Yard by putting in a Flower Bed and a walk way, basically extending the Driveway.
Upgrading the Front Yard by putting in a Flower Bed and a walk way, basically extending the Driveway.

Money doesn’t grow on trees! 🙂 Too late to dwell on it and life has to go on but here I am reliving the pain all over again. You’re welcome. Hehehe.

The process and the waiting for approval of my Mortgage Loan was the toughest part especially when I can feel the pain in my wife’s voice. Several times she told me to just give up; too much paper works and run around. Hehe. For some weird reasons, I let her mind her own problems and continue to pretend nothing bothers me, or nothing will get in my way but down deep I was very anxious and my mind was running cray cray. Tried to close my mind from worrying too much but I can’t. It’s too important of a thing and I’ve already spent too much time, effort and money not to think about it. Second guessing every bit of things about the process. Wondering at times if my financial officer was playing games with me and went as far as calling up other financial institutions to get them to say something positive that can comfort my poor soul. Believe me it was intense! Hehehe.

Lucky for me, I have two of the best in the business to ease the process a bit. My realtor was one phone call away and just pure amazing! He played football with me throughout this process. On the first call I made after submitting all the required documents, he told me everything should be alright, WE ARE ON THE 50 YARD LINE. Our next play should be “RED RIGHT 30 PULL TRAP” and that should bring us to the 25 yard line of the damn boys if not to the end zone. hahahahaha. If this was a real game, I would be standing, beer in my left hand and a glass of J. Walker on the Rocks in the right hand. If it’s a touchdown, both hands should be emptied in a milli-second and a huge burp follows. If it’s an interception, the glass may disappear into my tv! Hehehe.

After Upgrading the Front Yard...
After Upgrading the Front Yard…

My financial officer was the best! Picking her was a random act on my part. I literally played card with my choices. Binging for a realtor brought up a few hundreds in my area so I narrowed it down to those that are qualified to do my county’s First Home Buyer’s programs and from that list, I picked 5 randomly. I wrote their first names on pieces of paper and threw them in a bowl, shook the bowl and picked one out of the 5 names. The one I picked was the one I used and to my amazement, she was the terrific choice. Every stupid and most annoying questions I threw her way was answered with R&D, no not Resources and development but rather Respect and Dignity. lol. She pointed me into the right direction including picking the realtor. Please share how you picked your financial officer, I want to know. Kikkik.

Being a homeowner is pretty expensive! And I ain’t talk about the mortgage yet. It’s what you put into it. The minute you think you’re done with improving your house is the minute you thought of something else. My rough estimate is by the time we walked into the door, we’d already spent an upward of $20 thousand dollars. That’s 20,000 jella! Wakakakz. You know, brand new bedroom sets, living room sets (in my case 3 sets), Dining Room sets, and cooking and Kitchen utensils. Too much…. And the spending continues, front yard upgrade is in progress as you can see on my fb page and the backyard needs revamping. And on top of that, the weekend BBQ’s and stuff. lol.

My goal is to put this house back on the Market in a few years so everything I do to it today is to make the value go up. Lucky to buy this with a pretty low interest rate so I am attacking the Mortgage payment like crazy. The Mortgage payment is about $2 grant but I am paying $3 grant and more, looking to save over $100 grant in the process.

Buying this house was the reason I stayed with my employer for 9 very very long years! Now that I have it, I can let go of my awesome employer with a huge smile. I LOVE TARGET AS AN EMPLOYER! It empowered me to do what I needed to do. Love my team in West Seattle and here in Fed-Way. They will be the ones I missed the most. Now life goes on. I am a taxi driver! Can you believe it? Guess it’s time I rest my keyboard. It’s having body aches from me tapping it too much. Will tell stories next time. Thank you Ifagalz friends, fams, and randomers. Till next time, tc and ttyl. 🙂

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