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Yay, WE ARE MOVING! It is probably going to be exhausting, but I am looking way past that and to a future where I can live in harmony with my surroundings. Familiar surroundings with subsistent living. In other words, where I can grow taro, yam, kava, bananas and the likes, as well as harvesting from the ocean. Talking about the ocean, Hawaii seems to have the perfect settings for fishing. One can fish the windward side of Hilo, or to the Kona side including island hoping up the island chains of Maui, Molokai, O’ahu,  and all the way up to Kauai. 

I had been planning this for a while and it took this long, but thank God, my other half had finally agreed. We are doing this. Yes, we are. 

Took a trip this past week to visit the Big Island for the very first time. 

It was awesome. Big Island exceeded our expectations. Roads were very well maintained and people took care of the land as they should. It is probably one of the cleanest places I have seen. Yokohama, Japan is another, for comparison. I later learned that everyone takes care of their garbage and maintain their properties so not to disrespect the spirits of the lands. We were told garbage disposal is free of charge as long as you can bring yours there. This is probably the reason it was very clean. 

The only issue I saw, and it wasn’t as bad as Portland or Honolulu or eve Seattle, was homelessness. I guess, it’s everywhere, and it is terrible. I am not sure what people can do to avoid falling into homelessness, but I guess it’s a societal problem that we all need to help find solutions to it. 

As a Micronesian, I must say our culture helps. But it is really up to us individually to live within our means, sacrifice some conveniences if we have to, to ensure that we live a comfortable life. And I would like to share a little of my life so that hopefully it can inspire you to do well. 

My life has been very challenging, and learning through all that challenges had shaped me personally and had taught me not to take anything for granted and to always plan for tomorrow. I learned early on, while on Guam, that investing by partaking in the Investment opportunities offered by my employer was a must. I invested in my company’s 401k and also bought into a 500k life insurance. I never mentioned the latter to anyone, but I still believe it was one of the best choices I made. I didn’t go for the term life, but went with the whole life and cashed it out before leaving for the state. 

It wasn’t a choice to move to the states, but something we had to do. Our son needed medical treatment and the Guam Memorial Hospital (GMH) was not equipped to handle it. It was another perfect decision. We dragged along our 3 girls on our relocation to the states. After our son got treated, I decided it’s time to go back to school and head to the Pacific Northwest. 

It was a year later, living and working in the Pacific Northwest, that I found myself enrolled as a full time student at the Oregon State University. Before that, I had to give our Van away and bought 4 bicycles. 3 for my girls and 1 for myself. The 3 years I was in school, I biked with my girls to and from their respective schools, both mornings and afternoons, and also to my own classes. I biked to buy groceries and bused to the department stores for other purchases. I was car-less for that entire 3 years. 

That entire time, we were on section 8, so the government helped us with our housing. But as soon as I was done with school, we quit section 8 and kept working hard, Investing like crazy. 

It was tough, especially with 4 kids. We had our boy in the Pacific Northwest. If I can do it, so to you. You must learn to sacrifice today and save for tomorrow. 

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