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Aug 22, 12 PM

Airport @ Boise, idaho

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Good morning Ifagalz valued followers and Kaselehlia, Ran Annim, Mogethin, Kulo, Yokwe and Welimom from the very top of the hills surrounding the beautiful small town of Huntsville in the great state of Utah. 

It took me exactly 12 hours and 15 minutes of driving time through 3 states to get here and the experience was just fabulous-tic. No worries here because I will share with you all of it in this blog with the hope they will help you in your next adventure. 

Planning for a wedding is never too easy, and to add driving or flying to the mix and it’s just getting tougher. 

For me, the basics that I always have in mind are how to get there, where to stay and how much for the trip. Money somehow always find its way into everything I do. Hehehehe. 

Here we go, as you may all read in my other blog, my long trip toy, my lovely Suburban got into a wreck and was towed to my house awaiting the insurance adjuster to take a look at it and see how much and where to get it repaired. Just in time for this road trip to Utah! Yes, I was that close to canceling this trip in its entirety. 

I couldn’t imagine myself driving a different brand of vehicle on a long road trip, let alone a very long 12 hrs drive. 

I was given a $300 check for rental reimbursement but that’s not even close to covering a cost of a Suburban. To rent one for the duration of the trip, I would need at least $1,000.00, money that I do not have. 

So what did I do? Well, I elected to go for a standard SUV. The total for the rental was $337 which is only $37 over my budget of $300. 

Actually, I wasn’t going to spend any money on car rentals but due to my suburban got into a wreck, I had to, so I  must do everything in my power to minimize the damage in my wallet. Good thing though is that my insurance covers for rentals but a mere $30/day and a maximum of $300 which supposed to cover me for 10 days. 

Now, having no choice I decided I will stick to a Standard SUV, but somehow the rental employee decided to show me a not so clean one which is interesting, at least to me, because I know they just did what I was hoping they would do, giving me an excuse to ask for a free upgrade. 

Well, there it is, I drove away in a brand new GM Yukon with all the comfort it provides for a long road trip. The space, the seat and the smell of a brand spanking new car! With a price of a standard SUV! I think they say A PREMIUM CATCH WITH A STANDARD PRICE… LOL

Ok now guys, slow down here. There’s still that long road ahead. Not 5 but 12 hrs and 30 minutes.

Time to book the Condo and plan the drive.

The Condo was budgeted for so it was covered and I knew I had enough points to cover my hotel stay if I needed to stop for a rest.  Time to pack and leave!

The drive was not too bad as I had previously driven Interstate 90 in the worst of the worst of conditions. There was no snow and no rain so I just put that work horse on cruise control and head for the mountains.  

5 hours in and I found myself in my home state of Oregon in the Micronesian town of La Grande. Yes, this place is home to the Eastern Oregon University (EOU) where lots of Micronesians graduated from. One of them is my uncle Ali Hasuglig, now sadly, a Cowbaby fan like all my other uncles, brothers and sisters and believe it or not, nephews and nieces. Hehehehehe. 

My outlook on La Grande as a Micronesian town was cemented in mind with my experience getting gas at a Safeway.

I started up a convo with this old white gentleman telling him the last time I was in La Grande was March of 2001, stopping in to visit my Chuukese brother Inson Namper and sister Sommie Ceasar whom were attending the EOU at that time and since have graduated. I told the guy, I am an Oregon State Beaver! I just gotta do it. He laughed and told me he knows several Micronesians. Even before I told him I am a Micro myself! He beat me to it… 

Next up, Boise, Idaho.

It was just 2 hrs and 30 minutes drive, one that I gladly drove. At exactly midnight, I reached my hotel that I booked earlier. 

At this point, my Oregon State Football t-shirt was painted with stains from all the bettlenut chewing on that 5 hrs stretch as well as from eating cherries the whole way. I looked like a mess walking into the lobby. 

There was this young beautiful blond manning the front desk. The very first thing came out of her mouth was, SORRY WE ARE FULLY BOOKED. I was like, Excuse me? Shouldn’t you say hello sir, how may I of assistance? Or do you have a reservation? and blah blah blah. Do you really have to be mean? Then I realized I was in Idaho with a somewhat brown skin and look like a homeless man. Heheehe. 

To make the story short, I called the corporate office and told them what happened. They called the front desk and demanded they find me another hotel and that they’re paying for it. They told them to add on my God Elite Membership 3 nights of free stay in their hotels anywhere in the world. 

The pretty blonde asked to see my membership number so I showed her and she started apologizing and now treated me like a Football Star. Hehehehe.

So far, this trip is just as I expected, enjoyable and fun. And especially for gaining a lot more free nights of hotel stay and of course the free upgrade to a Premium SUV with a Standard SUV price… 

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for part 2…. 


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