Jayjay, Grace and Lynn setting up their tent… Rosie playing with the poles.

Getting off everything internet for almost a month was a trial to see if I can live without it. I found it hard but leaving all the comforts of my home office and found myself on the beach with no internet connection is a little too hard. Luckily my bff-the Samsung Note II was right there to take everything off my shoulder and allow me to write this blog from under my canopy out on the Oregon Coast, Nehalem Bay State Park to be exact.

Getting here was a little tough on the body as it required a total of about 4 hours through the Western Cascades and an overnight in Portland, Oregon at my usual hotel of choice, Staybridge Suites, even when they gave me hard times. As usual, I am off my plan yet again. The original plan was to leave home on Sunday June the 23rd but we left two days earlier. That gave us the time to do the overnighter.

Nothing unusual in Portland beside my Yobo telling me not to post anything about our stay in Portland because we haven’t visited our Portland relatives in a while. I told her not to worry too much as the trip was not meant for us to visit relatives but to give ourselves a break from working hard and our kids to take a break from the city life. It’s a way of keeping them closer to our uniqueness of a Micronesian breed. lol.

In these United States of America, there are things we do to feel like we’re back in the islands. Sitting under the tent right now while cooking on open flames is the closest I can imitate it. I know why your laughing but heck with that. The darkness of the night with no lights reminded me of home. The only thing missing right now is a Tuna steak. Here on the West Coast of Oregon, the tuna doesn’t show up till next month because Tuna are from the islands and they are not used to the cold weather. 🙂 They must wait until the water is warm enough for them to move a little closer to land.

The one thing that connects me to my home sweet home is the Pacific Ocean and to set up camp feet away from it is just what I needed to relax the mind and refresh the spirit, the Micronesian Spirit. All I have to do to literally connect to the islands is to walk down the path and down to the ocean because standing in the Pacific is literrally standing on the shores of our islands, at least in spirit.

As you can see in some of the photos on here, the ocean and beach are just as beautiful but the ocean water is freezing here. There are octopus I am sure lurking off the coast. hehe. Crabs are plentiful though, not on lands but in the ocean. Catching them is a sport in of itself.

This is good enough for today because Yobo is calling me to get ready for another trip up North to Seaside for some sightseeing. I may ride the Go-carts today! And even a horse. I will tell you about it in my next blog.

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