IMG_7197For a Washingtonian like me, who had originally come from Oregon, going to an airport with no Starbucks is not only unusual, but its just plain strange. It was the first thing I noticed when I walked through the spread out area of the Portland Airport.

I searched with eager hope that maybe my favorite coffee shop was located in this austere airport. To my disappointment my chances of grabbing on to a Peppermint Mocha Frapp was instantly diminished by the fact that Portland Airport simply did not contain a single Starbucks, and if they did I had no luck whatsoever at finding it.

Walking down the carpeted terminal of the Portland Airport with my family, I had my eyes peeled for the famous logo of a green mermaid (for those of you who do not know what the green mermaid is, I suggest you google image Starbucks.) , but however none was found. Why then, don’t I just go to a different coffee shop? Well in fact, we actually did.


A coffee shop by the name of Coffee People (Very original right? lol) . I ordered a Caramel latte with my little brother, Calson who had ordered hot chocolate and to his bitter disappointment it was NOT a medium sized drink or in coffee language, a grande.

Anywho, the reason why we were all at the Airport was because someone very special was heading off to Hawaii ! Grandpa and my cousin, Rexon would be taking a flight down south, and we wished them a safe and happy flight.

Actually in that picture above, we were watching the plane take off. It is a weird thought to think that humans can actually fly across the globe.Oh how technology has advanced. I feel like I’m getting off topic again. Well, the skies in Hawaii are probably brighter than the gloomy skies up here in Washington and Oregon.

Sunshine versus the rainy damp weather, we are all quite adapted to if you noticed how all of us are bundled up. Even Rosie in her warm pajamas is used to the weather. Its a coffee-drinking sort of weather, and probably why I’ve grown so used to the weather was because of the warm drinks that came along with it. As an Islander who grew up in the states my whole life, I’ve adjusted to the weather that if I was to go back home, I believe there would be no end of complaints of the sunny weather coming from me.

I don’t think there’s a Starbucks on Ifalik, unless it has become modernised which I greatly wish it never will be. But if you asked me what sort of weather I prefer I’d say rainy weather. Because coffee comes along with it, of course 🙂

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