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Reasons Micronesians should buy homes in America!

Micronesian BBQ

Lots of backyard BBQ's with fams and friends

Build to Suit

Build it to your own satisfaction. After all, it's your own house

Pride in Ownership

Owning a piece of the American dream is only a pipe dream for many. You're living it!

Building Equity

Penny dropped into Mortgage is a penny saved for you, kids, or grand-kids


Investing in yourself is always a guaranteed success, unless you let the bottle of beer drink you. Investing in your Kids or Grands will guarantee them a better future

Backyard Hoop

Sure enough. It's your choice. Shop the Garage Sales and like I did bought one for $5. Not bad huh

Why buying a House?

Why not? Exactly, why not us? Owning a home in America is achieving the American Dream. It’s a symbol of success! And if you can buy in the right area and location, that says a lot about you more than you think.

The reason I decided to write about this is that I’ve come across Micronesians that think it’s a waste of resources and time. I want to explain my reasons with the hope that it can take away the doubts and question marks in your minds and put you on your way to achieving your own version of the Micro-American Dream. 

The very first excuse I heard or told was why not building a beautiful home in  Iyefang, Ifalik or Sapou, Uman instead of wasting it here in America. Where would you stay when you return home?

Let me be frank, I want to live in my own house today, tomorrow and the days after! I DO NOT WANT MY COFFIN TO BE SENT HOME TO SIT IN A HOME ON UMAN OR IFALIK FOR  A COUPLE OF SAD HOURS OR A FEW SAD DAYS. I want to spend my living days in my own home.

Where would I stay when returning home? Huh. Sleeping on the beach of course. I’ll just bring a tent and camp out on the beach. Well, back home, you pick wherever you want to stay basically. Homes are and will always be free, otherwise cut a few trees and build a home. EASY! No one to chase you out because you forgot to pay rent. 

The second excuse is what if Trump chase us out? It ain’t happening so stop drooling over it. And if that happens you will be going home with lots of cash! Sell your home and bring the loads of cash home to construct a BEAUTIFUL house that you will occupy while ALIVE. 

Take a moment here and think. If you were renting the entire time and Trump kick us out, wouldn’t you walk home empty handed? Aren’t you just making someone else richer? Aren’t you wasting your money? Where’s the good in that? To be fair, there are some advantages to renting instead of buying but not too many to keep you away from owning your dream home here in America.

The third excuse is I do not make enough money. True, making lots of money will easily qualify you for a good size mortgage but use it as an excuse is just lame. Go out there and look for a better paying job! And when you do find it, stay with it for years and years. I am talking no less than 10 years. And while at it, take advantage of all the savings plans your company offers.

In my case, working for Target, I invested in its 401k savings plan which they matched up to 5% with the mindset of using that as an investment to buy a house instead of retirement savings.

My home becomes my retirement plan. If I have time, I will dedicate a piece to 401k but I cannot promise you that. So please before you take out your 401k, seek the help of a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). I am my own CFP, just wanted to throw that out.

The fourth excuse is I do not know how. Really? Do you know how to FB’ing? Twitting @ 3 Am? Selfie anyone? Googling? Youtubing? If you’ve done any of the above then you can do it.

I may exaggerate a little or maybe a lot here but the point is you can do the research by googling, facebooking, twitting or talking to your neighbors. Ask them what is a good Credit Score? Gone to the bank lately? Ask them how much mortgage you can afford? Ask and Googling is a must. Find out as much as you can to prep you for the journey to home ownership.

Last but not the least, why buying a home when most Micronesians would rather leeching off the American taxpayers by sitting on their rear end living on Food Stamp and Welfare. Oh and yes, have lots of parties and BBQ’s with FB LIVE FEEDING from the backyard of a Section 8 Public Housing unit that cost $1,500 for the taxpayers and you my dear enjoying it for only $75 a month. What a life? Kava anyone?

So to summarize it all, Trump will not kick us out anytime soon but I would love for him to kick those BBQing party leeching bastards out of the USA! They do not deserve to live in America. Kikikik. Strong words there. Hehehe.

Well, to summarize it all in a more civil manner (lol), owning a home in America is the way to go. Every Micronesian should always have this in mind. Not everyone will be able to but most will if we think we can. And as I just laid them out, there are those that questions home ownership in America but the truth must be told, we are not abandoning home sweet home Micronesia. We just want to live in our own house while still breathing.

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