Young Chuukese Girls, Mostly American Citizens, a voting block that can affect the voting results on Guam.

First, it was the FSM criminals and then the non-self reliant or as they call it, “immigrants who aren’t supporting themselves.” What next then? Gays and Lesbians? Single Mothers? FSM Republicans? FSM Protestants?

I suspect the reason this is all of a sudden become a hot issue is because time is running out. There’s a good chance the FSM American citizen population has grown to where it can affect the results of elections on Guam. It may have already happened in the past elections.

I remembered joining the campaign of former governor Gutiérrez – “You’re Still da One”. Although, I wasn’t a voting member, participating in the marches, the partying and the get out vote was fun. And I was not alone back then. I was amazed by how many FSM citizens were in that crowd cheering for the Gutiérrez camp. And probably most of us were none voting supporters.

But that was then. Between then and now, probably the number of voting FSMers has gone up to where it can impact the future of Guam. I would not be surprise to see a Guam born FSMer running for an office soon. It would be something. I would hate to see them running as Republicans though. lol.

I consider myself a Democrat so it is very disappointing to see that Guam elected Democrats are the one pushing for the FSMers deportation. I would rather see them leading the charge in finding ways to help the FSMers on Guam through education and job opportunity. It is so disappointing to see that Guam Democrats have no better alternatives for my FSM brethren but deportation. Seriously, is that all you can do?

How about involving them in your elections? How about recruiting them to intern in your offices? How about funding Summer Youth programs for high school students? How about working with FSM elders to figure out what’s there to do to help FSMers become self reliant and or good citizens? Where was the Compact Impact money? Why don’t we use it for this purpose – helping FSMers?

Guam Democrats, please stop whining about the Federal government not doing this or that, but instead focus on what you can do to help this struggling FSM population. I know, as Democrats, we care for the less fortunate. We do not drive them out to the ocean or across the border! We help them. We came up with all sorts of Social programs to help the less fortunate in our population. That’s who we are as Dems!

I heard from my Guamanian friends that former Governor Camacho and current Governor Calvo (REPUBLICANS – Dammit!) both care deeply about their neighbors – the FSMers and most of them got out to vote for them. I hate to break it to you my fellow Guam Democrats but we are loosing a chunk of the populace just by doing what we are doing.

I hope that our Democratic Party of Guam plays the same drum that the National Party is playing and that is the drum of inclusion. We are the party of the people, not of the few. We are the party that takes care of everyone, not just the top 1 percent. We are the party of all Guamanians, not just the Northerners, nor the Southerners. If we are loosing the governor races by a thousand vote, please check how many Guam born FSMers voted for the other side. My Goodness. ;). lol.

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