737 MAX 9 Maiden flight

Nothing much to say as you can view the video here or on youtube. I would add though that I do not think Boeing still makes the 727’s that are popular in songs back home. This is a larger of the 737s. This is the 9. The 8s are in production right now and should be flying soon. I believe Southwest will be the first to fly those here in the states. I saw there were a few Alaska too out there on the tarmac. 

It was pure chance that I ended up here in Renton. Noticed there were 2 or so News Helicopters in the air right above the runway so I thought they might be showing the 787-10 since it is here in Seattle. I saw it at the Boeing field south of Seattle so I thought they flew it here. I was so excited and head straight to my plane spotting park. The parking lot was packed so I just parked on the side of the road and walked to this spot with nothing but my Samsung 6 Edge.

I pray that next time I come across something as historic as this that I will be holding a better camera. I tried though with my Samsung 6. Apology for any shakiness.  

Not knowing what was happening, I looked for a smiley face to help me figure out what was happening. The first smiley face told me she has no idea why the place was so packed and that she walked over from her house up in the hills just so see what’s going on. Now there are 2 of us nosy peeps that have no clue what’s happening here. 

Lucky thing I have the Go-Whatever on my Samsung thingy so I looked in there and found that this is the day this 737 MAX 9 will fly. This is the very first plane ever of the Max 9 that will be flying if it can. Who knows. hehehe. As you can see, it miraculously flies into the air. Yay! 

I have no clue if the 9 can land back home, but I am sure the 8 can so pray that United will still be in business the time you see one of these birds in the Micronesian skies. I love these birds man. They are just amazing. Flying tons of steel into the sky! Go figure. 

If you ever visited the state of Washington, please do know it’s home to the Boeing’s Largest Manufacturing Warehouse. Actually the largest warehouse in the world. It’s in Everett. The one seen in this video is in Renton, right bordering the Landings, a beautiful shopping city as well as my favorite park the Coulon. So next time you visit, stop in the Park and enjoy it. 

And PLEASE remember, weed is legal here in the state, if you smell something fishy, don’t be alarmed. It’s normal. Hehehe. If you want, you can try calling the FEDS because the LOCALS will just lol. Have a wonderful day. 

The Sleek 737 max 9 ready for first flight

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