If my sources are correct, we have two pairs of candidates vying for Leading the State of Yap for the next 4 years!

Congratulations to Former Yap State Legislative Speaker Tony Ganngiyan and his running mate James Yangtamai, as well as the current Speaker Henry Falan and his running mate, Floor Leader Sabino Sauchomal for completing the first step in the campaigning process. Job well done Gentlemen. I wish we can have some Ladies candidates but that’s for next time. lol.

Now, it’s time we reach out to these Gentlemen to let us know of the plans they have for our state’s future. And boy, do I have enough questions for them.

First, I want to know the current state of our Yap State. Can anyone of them tell us where we are as of this moment? If they can tell us that, then it would make it much easier for us to see what they are planning to do. Stay the course or chart another course?

Depending on which course they choose, I have prepared some interesting questions for each.

I guess I will leave it at this because I must respect them and allow them to convey what their plans first, before assuming and asking away at will. 🙂 But there is one question I must ask.

Where do you stand on the ETG debate? You can follow my blog on this subject here…..

Public Demand....
Public Demand….

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