Hello Ifagalz Readers. As you may notice, we have updated the charts for easy read and comparison. Please use these charts at your leisure. They are provided as a means to visualize the election results. You can compare how voters from each sector of our state voted. Why they voted that way? Not sure. You will have to dig a little further to find out what influences people’s minds. It could be related to marital affiliation, friendship, culture, education, or religion. Who knows?

These are all UNOFFICIAL results so please bear that in mind.

The charts here on this page are arranged purely by our own preference. As the author of this piece, I remembered the days back at the Outer Islands Highs School on Ulithi where they usually call out the Honor Roll Awards starting from 3rd place up. So I will do the same with the charts according to the latest data/information we have.

The pies will contain the latest info we get. The detail data on the other charts will follow when time allows and data is provided.Total Votes Counted:
[visualizer id=”1526″]

The following charts depicted a more detail information of how each of the sectors on Yap proper voted for each pair. I am not sure if I am right but included in these charts are the vote cast in 21 Districts/Municipalities or however they are called. Please educate me on our election dichotomy as I am struggling to understand it. Are they called Districts? Municipalities? Towns? Please educate me on this.
[visualizer id=”1558″]
[visualizer id=”1555″]
[visualizer id=”1556″]

The following chart depicted the data for the 5 Yap State Election Districts in Colonia including the Absentee Votes.
[visualizer id=”1559″]
Just some fun facts I found looking at the last chart here, the one for all the ED in Colonia. I can tell there are more voters from ED 5 voted in this election. Now, the question I want to know is who are those 18 ED5 peeps that voted for the Ganngiyan/Yangetmai ticket. On the same token, it would be interesting to know who are those 6 ED4 peeps that voted for the Chieng/Itimai ticket. Sirow, but these are some things I found interesting. Of course, you don’t have to say who you are. I am just trying to see what questions we can ask looking at these data we got. I like it.

If you find errors in the data used in this article, please let us know so we can correct it and give everyone the right one.

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