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Crunching the Numbers

Congratulations to both teams for putting everything out on the table and in front of the citizens of the great State of Yap so they can fully understand the platforms they’re voting for.

These are the latest UNOFFICIAL numbers we received from Yap and providing it to you as a visual means of understanding how the votes were cast. 

Many thanks to the people of our great state of Yap for coming out to vote in this election and the elections yet to come. 

Happy thanksgiving from our tribe to yours!

Henry S. Falan and Jesse J. Salalu
Tony F. Ganngiyan and Francis I. Itimai

Governor & LT. Governor

Total Number of Votes

[visualizer id="3700"]

Votes by Districts and Absentee Ballots

[visualizer id="3719"]
[visualizer id="3727"]

Looking at the graphs above, we can conclude that Team Falan/Salalu won Election Districts 1, 2, 4 and Absentee Votes while Ganngiyan/Itimai got the support of the majority of voters in Election District 3 and 5. We also learned from the graphs below that Team Ganngiyan/Itimai won majority of votes on all islands in District 5 and led in all islands in Election District 4 except Absentee votes and Ifalik, in that district. While in Election District 3, Team Ganngiyan/Itimai led on all islands including Absentee, except for Falalop and Wottegai. Meanwhile in Election District 2, Team

Falan/Salalu won all except for Mogmog and Faderai.
My personal take away here is that the election is pretty close. It almost mimic the US elections. Except for the colors, where Ganngiyan and Itimai got the BLUE color here and Falan/Salalu the Red Color, we can safely say Falan and Salalu are the Democrats in this race. They won in the very populated areas of most of the districts except for ED5.

In Election District 1 or on Yap proper, the Falan/Salalu Team led in 10 villages compared to 9 for Ganngiyan and Itimai team. It's a pretty close race if we just look at the number of villages.

Meanwhile in our Absentee votes, the Falan/Salalu team had a huge lead out of Guam and Honolulu and led in votes cast on Pohpei and people that are traveling or confined. Both Teams got the same number of votes out of Saipan but the Ganngiyan/Itimai team led in the mail in ballots.

Please use these graphs to whatever they may mean to you, but understand these are UNOFFICIAL numbers and are not scientific in nature. Use them at your own risk!

Just for the fun of it, please check out the pies and graphs we had for the election of Tony Ganngiyan and James Yangitemai to see if you can draw any conclusion or tell some tell tale stories. These are, to us, fascinating numbers that may help future candidates. But again, use them to your own risk! Please, don't tell us we didn't warn you.

Votes by District/Absentee

Tony F. Ganngiyan and Francis I. Itimai

[visualizer id="3721"]

Votes by District/Absentee

Henry S. Falan and Jesse J. Salalu

[visualizer id="3723"]

Island by Island Comparison

Election District 5

[visualizer id="3743"]

Election District 4

[visualizer id="3741"]

Election District 3

[visualizer id="3747"]

Election District 2

[visualizer id="3751"]

Village by Village Comparison

Election District 1

[visualizer id="3767"]

Area by Area Comparison


[visualizer id="3771"]

If we have to learn something from this election cycle, it's that more of our people are engaged and that is a good sign for our democracy. Another surprising fact is that our Absentee vote is very much at play and is a good reason for our politicians to not forget their constituents living outside the boundaries of the state of Yap.

Time to sleep. Sabong

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