Greetings once again. Before I go further, let me offer my deepest condolences to our family on the Outer Islands of Yap, namely PEIGITALO, and on proper Yap, Guam, here in the mainland USA and wherever our families are. There’s nothing I can say that will comfort any of you in any way. One thing I know that calms my mind is to think that our young brother chose the high seas. He chose to be here where most of us the so called PCVs (Peace Corp Volunteers) and FOBs (Fresh Off the Boaters) live and reside. He forced all of us to use the well known (Amongst Remataw)  WOLEAIAN PHRASE, ‘GASIYEL WELLEYA.’ We now know each other more than ever and will always thank our young brother for making it happen. Many people won’t understand the fathomless brotherhood amongst ourselves. And we don’t need them to understand it. We just have to live it. Especially this far away from home. 

And with that, I must extend my personal gratitude to all the fellow sailors, brothers, friends, and supporters of our young brother that accompanied him from the shores of Alaska down to Washington State and on to Yap. Our brother Jun and Ronney, thank you so much for accompanying him all the way to Guam and Yap. To Fele, from Fefen Chuuk, thank you so much for being there for those guys. We appreciated you for giving up your time and energy. Mike, Trident Seafood Rep, thank you so much for all you did and will do for our young sons,  brothers, and nephews. 
Rest In Love mowesh bwiis. Protect us, your brothers and sisters wherever we may be.
To my brothers, Dom, John, Val and Uncle Mike, thank you very much for working together to get things worked as smoothly as possible. I was impressed with how things went from the planning stages to the get together. Everything went beyond our expectations. To brothers Sid, Augus, and the others and especially all of our families gathered to pay respects and to celebrate the life of our brother, thank you so much. Uncles Tatogmai, John Rapou and Casmiro Tuicheimar, and the others there, Gaisa galongal gashigeshig rel pangal faurumil. To our aunties, Johanna, Legasumong and all our sisters that are there, Deus yebe gatefali yami gashigeshig. Brothers Wilson, Augus, Xavier, Col, Pat and everyone that was there, meta sibe soriu rel yash getaptap sew me yengang sew me fago sew shagiu.
Father Kyle, thank you for taking up our calls and for blessing us and our loved one with a great service. It was a short notice and you answered ours and God’s call. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 
To you our dearest brother Arvy, we know you see us. Your name will be engraved amongst the BEST FISHERMEN out there. Please continue looking over us all and Rest in Love bwiis. 
Father Kyle in the foreground conducting the Funeral Services for our beloved brother while our families looked on.
God has his ways of surprising us in different ways. I wish I could see his calendar to know what else he has for me. Hahahaha. Many many moons ago, when I was young and very very innocent, I too took the opportunity to leave the islands for a chance to join a fishing fleet. It was in Japan, from 1994  to 1995 receiving my certification of SEAMANSHIP. It was a blast and an experience I would never forget. And it was an experience that prepared me to receive these young men today. 
These young men were recruited from different areas including Guam to take up job opportunities with Trident Seafood, manning different areas of the seafood processing plants. They work on boats of different sizes that operate on the high seas where danger lurks and risk everything to fill the “Filet O Fish” at Mcdonalds and other seafood eateries. They manned long shifts of up to 16 hours to get the job done. They never shied away from taking on these challenges and to make sure they reached the goals and expectations that they set out to do. 
From Left to Right: RJ, Prince, Jun, Ronnie, Bradman, Dylan, Rodney, and Fele.
As customary, after the services of our brother, everyone gathered at my house for a few cases of beer and more importantly the wisdoms that came out of the Yapese baskets of brothers Talimeirig, Maluchmai, Sidiro, and Val as well as uncle John an yours truly. It’s a tradition of Pasifika peoples that alcohol be served with words of wisdom. On this night, if I remembered correctly, the number one topic was brotherhood and safety. It showed and it’s within our Micronesian and Pasifika norms that we take care of one another. Safety has and will always be Number 1 on anyone’s list, especially out on the high seas. Other topics were Finances and Benefits that can be taken advantage of while young and strong and employed. 
The evening was concluded when I filled up my Suburban and drove them to their hotel right next to the SeaTac International Airport. 
From Left to Right: Lynn, Leyangireyaro, Sophia, Rose, Rosie, Avery, Grace and baby RK

The last group left my house the next morning, leaving me to be by myself and missing everyone. Hehehehe. And thank you for sailing along with us here on Ifagalz. Your support will always be appreciated. Please check out our store on for all your printing needs. 

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